Cernohorsky, Bohuslav Matej (1684 – 1742)
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United States 40%United StatesUnited Kingdom 3.6%United KingdomUkraine 1.4%UkraineRomania 1.2%RomaniaPoland 0.5%PolandGreece 0.4%Greece
Germany 16%GermanyJapan 2.3%JapanAustralia 1.2%AustraliaSpain 1.1%SpainIslamic Republic Of Iran 0.5%Islamic Republic Of IranBelgium 0.4%Belgium
China 4.7%ChinaRepublic Of Korea 2.2%Republic Of KoreaBrazil 1.2%BrazilCanada 1.1%CanadaHong Kong 0.5%Hong KongLithuania 0.2%Lithuania
Italy 3.8%ItalyRussian Federation 2.1%Russian FederationSwitzerland 1.2%SwitzerlandTurkey 0.8%TurkeyPortugal 0.4%PortugalColombia 0.2%Colombia
France 3.6%FranceNetherlands 1.8%NetherlandsAustria 1.2%AustriaHungary 0.8%HungaryCzech Republic 0.4%Czech RepublicUruguay 0.2%Uruguay
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