Couperin, Francois
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Germany 28.1%GermanyJapan 3.4%JapanAustria 1.4%AustriaSpain 0.7%SpainTaiwan 0.6%TaiwanHong Kong 0.3%Hong Kong
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France 5.6%FranceRepublic Of Korea 3%Republic Of KoreaBelgium 1.1%BelgiumBrazil 0.6%BrazilSerbia 0.5%SerbiaPortugal 0.3%Portugal
United Kingdom 3.9%United KingdomNetherlands 2.3%NetherlandsRussian Federation 1.1%Russian FederationPoland 0.6%PolandIsrael 0.5%IsraelDenmark 0.2%Denmark
China 3.7%ChinaSwitzerland 1.9%SwitzerlandIreland 0.7%IrelandAustralia 0.6%AustraliaNorway 0.3%NorwayIndonesia 0.2%Indonesia
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Francois Couperin - Le Reveil Matin played on a harpsichord build by Nicolas Pigallet 1771, sampled by realsamples.


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