Puccini, Giacomo (1858-1924)
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United States 33%United StatesItaly 3.4%ItalyCanada 1.3%CanadaTaiwan 0.9%TaiwanMexico 0.5%MexicoTurkey 0.3%Turkey
Germany 21.7%GermanyChina 3.1%ChinaNetherlands 1.3%NetherlandsArgentina 0.9%ArgentinaUkraine 0.3%UkrainePoland 0.3%Poland
United Kingdom 7.3%United KingdomRepublic Of Korea 2.3%Republic Of KoreaAustria 1.3%AustriaAustralia 0.9%AustraliaChile 0.3%ChileIsrael 0.3%Israel
France 4.4%FranceRussian Federation 1.9%Russian FederationBrazil 1.1%BrazilSpain 0.7%SpainRomania 0.3%RomaniaGeorgia 0.2%Georgia
Japan 3.4%JapanSwitzerland 1.8%SwitzerlandBelgium 0.9%BelgiumNew Zealand 0.5%New ZealandHungary 0.3%HungaryDenmark 0.2%Denmark
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