Weiss, Silvius Leopold
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United States 60.4%United StatesJapan 2%JapanSpain 1.1%SpainBelgium 0.4%BelgiumMexico 0.3%MexicoSweden 0.2%Sweden
Germany 10.1%GermanyChina 1.9%ChinaNetherlands 1.1%NetherlandsPoland 0.4%PolandBrazil 0.3%BrazilArgentina 0.2%Argentina
United Kingdom 3.3%United KingdomRepublic Of Korea 1.8%Republic Of KoreaRomania 0.9%RomaniaAustralia 0.4%AustraliaSerbia 0.3%SerbiaIslamic Republic Of Iran 0.2%Islamic Republic Of Iran
France 2.5%FranceCanada 1.5%CanadaTurkey 0.5%TurkeySwitzerland 0.4%SwitzerlandTaiwan 0.3%TaiwanPortugal 0.2%Portugal
Italy 2.5%ItalyRussian Federation 1.5%Russian FederationFinland 0.4%FinlandAustria 0.3%AustriaEuropean Union 0.3%European UnionChile 0.2%Chile
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Interpretation on a theorbo-harpsichord reconstruction by Rudolf Richter, Ludwigsburg, 1986 sampled by realsamples,

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