Richter, Nico: Konzerte mit Streichersolisten
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(based on the manuscript)

The first composition of Richter’s that has been preserved is his violin concerto of 1933, when he was seventeen. It was first performed at the Amsterdam Muzieklyceum during a concert by the Handel orchestral society conducted by Henny Schol, on March 16th 1935. Nico’s notebook says that the piece takes about ten minutes, but the list of his music, which he compiled a year later, says twelve. He calls it a free improvisation, the orchestra having a more important role than accompaniment and the soloist not being asked to cut any wild capers. He was convinced that solistic showmanship did not go with good musicianship.

One of the critics was less than enthusiastic about the structure of the piece, but praised the atmosphere in the lento. The allegro was of special rhythmical interest and the orchestral sound original and exciting, particularly in the brasses. Another critic considered his painting of city sounds realistic, but didn’t think the solo sufficiently challenging..(Julie Muller van Santen)


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