Felix Draeseke: 30 Canons o.Op.
heute: 8
gestern: 26
diese Woche: 34
letzte Woche: 120
dieser Monat: 266
letzter Monat: 700
Total: 38546

United States 24.4%United StatesFrance 4.5%FranceNetherlands 2.3%NetherlandsColombia 1%ColombiaMexico 0.7%MexicoPoland 0.4%Poland
Germany 21.3%GermanyItaly 3.4%ItalyCanada 1.8%CanadaRomania 1%RomaniaHong Kong 0.6%Hong KongDenmark 0.4%Denmark
China 6.2%ChinaRepublic Of Korea 2.7%Republic Of KoreaBrazil 1.7%BrazilTaiwan 0.9%TaiwanEuropean Union 0.4%European UnionIsrael 0.4%Israel
Japan 4.9%JapanSpain 2.3%SpainAustralia 1.3%AustraliaSweden 0.9%SwedenCzech Republic 0.4%Czech RepublicSingapore 0.4%Singapore
United Kingdom 4.8%United KingdomAustria 2.3%AustriaSwitzerland 1%SwitzerlandRussian Federation 0.7%Russian FederationNorway 0.4%NorwayBelgium 0.4%Belgium
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