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United States 28.1%United StatesSpain 3.4%SpainNetherlands 2.7%NetherlandsTaiwan 0.9%TaiwanGreece 0.5%GreeceHungary 0.5%Hungary
Germany 17.7%GermanyFrance 3.4%FranceRussian Federation 2.1%Russian FederationSweden 0.9%SwedenMexico 0.5%MexicoCzech Republic 0.3%Czech Republic
United Kingdom 6.3%United KingdomItaly 3%ItalyCanada 1.6%CanadaBrazil 0.7%BrazilPoland 0.5%PolandTurkey 0.3%Turkey
China 6.1%ChinaRepublic Of Korea 2.7%Republic Of KoreaAustralia 1.4%AustraliaBelgium 0.5%BelgiumIslamic Republic Of Iran 0.5%Islamic Republic Of IranIreland 0.3%Ireland
Japan 3.6%JapanSwitzerland 2.7%SwitzerlandAustria 1.4%AustriaChile 0.5%ChileUkraine 0.5%UkraineArgentina 0.3%Argentina
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