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United States 44.9%United StatesItaly 3.3%ItalyRomania 1.3%RomaniaBrazil 1%BrazilPoland 0.5%PolandSingapore 0.4%Singapore
Germany 12.9%GermanyRepublic Of Korea 2.2%Republic Of KoreaAustria 1.3%AustriaUkraine 0.9%UkraineHong Kong 0.5%Hong KongBelgium 0.4%Belgium
China 4.8%ChinaJapan 2.2%JapanSpain 1.2%SpainTurkey 0.8%TurkeyIslamic Republic Of Iran 0.5%Islamic Republic Of IranSweden 0.2%Sweden
United Kingdom 4.1%United KingdomNetherlands 2%NetherlandsSwitzerland 1.2%SwitzerlandAustralia 0.8%AustraliaIsrael 0.4%IsraelDenmark 0.2%Denmark
France 3.6%FranceRussian Federation 1.8%Russian FederationCanada 1%CanadaHungary 0.6%HungaryGreece 0.4%GreeceColombia 0.2%Colombia
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(The recording starts and ends in an nearly inaudible Pianissimo)

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